Beach clean ups by EU staff

In anticipation of the #OurOcean conference, the European Commission launched an action involving all EU staff to raise awareness about one of the greatest threats confronting our ocean: marine litter.

Every year millions of tons of trash end up in the ocean. It is estimated that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in its waters.

On Sunday 14 May, hundreds of EU staff and their families gathered on the Belgian coast and cleaned up the beach of Ostend, with the support of the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Marine litter is a global challenge. This action stands to prove that everybody, individually and collectively, can take concrete action to address it. Not only by cleaning our beaches and coasts, but also committing to a more sustainable lifestyle – by reducing plastic consumption, reusing and recycling.

The European Commission calls on all public administrations to do the same to raise awareness about this growing and alarming phenomenon.

All EU embassies around the world have been invited to host similar events until the #OurOcean conference. Together, we can restore the health of our ocean and keep its waters clean and productive for present and future generations.

These are the actions by EU staff:



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