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Speech by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini

Speech by Commissioner Karmenu Vella

Speech by Commissioner Karmenu Vella (day 2)

Closing remarks by Commissioner Karmenu Vella

Closing keynote speech by First Vice-President Frans Timmermans

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  • From day 2

Video recordings are available on the agenda page.

  • Highlights from the conference
  • Videos from all conference sessions
  • Press conference by HRVP Federica MOGHERINI and Commissioner Karmenu VELLA
  • Malta stockshots
  • World aquariums against marine litter
  • Launch of the campaign "World aquariums against marine litter" in Monaco - 27 July 2017
  • Commissioner Vella's speech at the launch of the campaign "World aquariums against marine litter" in Monaco - 27 July 2017


  • Climate change
  • Investing in the blue economy
  • Marine pollution
  • Marine protected areas
  • Maritime security
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • World aquariums against marine litter
  • Aquaculture in the EU
  • Farmed in the EU
  • The EU Maritime Security Strategy
    • 1. External action
    • 2. Awareness, surveillance & information sharing for enhanced decision-making
    • 3. Capability development, pooling and sharing capacity in the EU
    • 4. Risk management, protection of critical infrastructures and crisis response, to reduce risks, enhance preparedness and improve efficiencies
    • 5. Research, innovation, education and training, to boost knowledge and innovative technologies
  • The EU and international ocean governance
  • EU SFPAs: Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements
  • Clean, healthy and productive seas


Media coverage

  • Belgium
    • Metro | Monaco remplit son aquarium de déchets pour dénoncer la pollution des mers
    • New Europe | Ocean's 28: EU wants cleaner seas
  • China
    • Xinhua | 112 countries dedicate over 6 bln euros to improve management of oceans
  • France
    • Euractiv | Our Ocean: l'UE renforce ses engagements en faveur des océans
    • Euronews | Prince Charles makes plea to save our oceans
    • Ouest France | Océans. Des industriels s’engagent à limiter la pollution au plastique
    • Sciences et Avenir | Les aquariums du monde entier unis contre la pollution plastique
    • TV5 Monde | Je journal | L'édition du 07.10.2017 12h GMT
  • Germany
    • Bild | Duisburger Zoo kämpft mit Müll gegen Müll
    • Deutsche Welle | 'Our Ocean' conference tackling plastic waste and other threats to our seas
    • Die Welt | Hagenbeck-Aktion gegen Meeres-Müll
    • Süddeutsche Zeitung | Mehr Meer
  • Indonesia
    • The Jakarta Post | Susi calls for actions to strengthen maritime security
  • Italy
    • SkyTG24 | Un mare da salvare, Ue lancia campagna contro plastica (video)
  • Malaysia
    • The Star | Habit of picking up rubbish can clean our oceans
  • Malta
    • "Il-Bizzilla" - Air Malta’s In-Flight Magazine
      • October 2017
      • May 2017
      • June 2017
      • July 2017
      • August 2017
      • September 2017
  • New Zealand
    • TVNZ | Ocean conference raises over $9.8 billion to marine protection
  • Portugal
    • Oribatejo | Salvar o Coração Azul da Terra
  • Spain
    • EFE | El Oceanogràfic colabora en una campaña mundial contra la basura marina
    • La Vanguardia | La Comisión Europea abre en Mónaco una campaña global contra la basura marina
    • Industrias Pesqueras (spec press) | Los acuarios, arma de concienciación contra la basura marina
  • United Kingdom
    • Sky News | More than £5.3bn raised at EU-led Our Ocean conference to protect marine life
    • The Guardian | EU rules out tax on plastic products to reduce waste
  • United States
    • ABC News | Ocean meeting raises over $7 billion for marine protection
    • Bloomberg | Paul Allen Wants to Use Satellites and Software to Fight Illegal Fishing
    • FOX News | Ocean conference raises over $7 billion to marine protection
    • Newsweek | Ocean Pollution: Prince Charles Warns Humanity Is 'Testing the World to Destruction' and Must Act
    • Washington Post | Ocean meeting raises over $7 billion for marine protection


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